a proposition for an alternative networked infrastructure

HOME FOR A WHILE was a self hosted local area WiFi network server installed at India International Center, Delhi during the exhibition Real Time Tactics curated by Mila Samdub as part of the Curatorial Intensive South Asia program by Khoj International Artists’ Association in December 2019.

HOME FOR A WHILE was developed around a time when the intermittent, localised internet shutdown was becoming an increasingly normalised tactic utilised by the Indian government to curb dissent. In that sense, it become a way to enter the question of what it means to own and operate networked infrastructures.

HOME FOR A WHILE was openly accessible to anyone within the premises of the exhibition space. It hosted a bunch of readings, how tos, notes and other research material compiled by -out-of-line-.

A live image of the server with all the material that had been compiled is now hosted here.

PS: this might not be online.