was an open, portable, community run local area WiFi network that travelled to various public protests in a backpack during the anti-CAA movement of 2019-20 in Delhi, India.

Inquilab Network was created around a time when the Indian government had started using the tactic of arbitrarily imposing internet shutdowns in spaces of dissent. operated independently of the internet. It was designed to enable the sharing of information and resources between everybody in its local proximity. hosted freely downloadable crowdsourced content like pamphlets, zines, articles, posters, infographics, memes, etc.

It also hosted a public chat room and an opinion board.'s server was located on a single board computer that could be charged on-the-go with a mobile power bank. It broadcast an open WiFi signal up to 50 meters around its vicinity. used an assemblage of open source file sharing software including nextcloud, etherpad and wordpress to disseminate and manage its content. owes a lot to the MAZI project (2016-18) which developed a DIY networking toolkit for enabling local area wireless networks.

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